(nandrolone undecanoate)

For all the athletes that have used steroids, you can bet that a huge majority of them have experimented with dynabolon. For many people who love using steroids, they want to gain maximum benefits from them with minimum loss on their parts. If there ever was a steroid that fits perfectly into that profile, it is dynabolon. It is fast acting and the side effects are minimal and can be dealt with.

Dynabolon is slightly androgenic and moderately anabolic. It works in the human body by promoting protein synthesis, a process which brings about the increase in muscle mass. For anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass, dynabolon is a good option. Are you tired of dealing with being overweight and are too afraid of the side effects of steroids? Dynabolon is a viable option for you as well. By building the muscle mass of a person, it reduces the fat as well and increases the strength of the muscles. The awkward clumsiness of many overweight and obese people is because they have less muscle tissue and more fat tissue in their bodies. Dynabolon promotes the burning of fat and the fast increase in tight hard muscle in all the parts of the body. For the best physical results, make sure you are dieting and exercising when using dynabolon.

Dynabolon is a steroid that does not aromatize if it is used in little dosages per week. The dangers of aromatization can be drastic if you do not have anti-estrogen steroids with you. To prevent a situation where you have to deal with estrogen effects, use dosages that are below 2ml per week. This way, the balance of estrogen is maintained in your system and you do not have to deal with anti-estrogen steroids or the side effects of having a lot of estrogen in your system. To get the best results, use dynabolon for one to two weeks. Any dosage that is more than 2ml per week leads to a lot of water retention in the muscles, so be careful about this as well.

Dosages are different for men and women since the side effects are different in men and women. For a woman not to have virilization signs, 1ml per week is enough. If you are taking more than the required maximum dosage of this steroid, you should expect to have virilization in less than two months. Given the fact that these effects are permanent, you need to be extremely careful when taking dynabolon. As for the side effects on men, gynecomastia is the most common. This happens when the body has a lot of estrogen which brings about enlargement of the breasts in men. Extreme gynecomastia can only be removed by surgery. Acne is an effect on both men and women and so is high blood pressure. Increased high blood pressure can lead to heart problems and subsequent death in extreme cases. Be careful not to use this steroid if you do have high blood pressure already.

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