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Dynabolon is somewhat androgenic with being reasonably anabolic. This is yet another steroid having Nandrolone. Dynabolon is the most wanted steroid amongst athletes as it gets excellent results and having just a few mild side effects.

For its medicinal properties, it was commonly recommended for undernourished or patients recovering post surgery suffering extreme weakness. Dynabolon, gives such patients the strength and power to recover quickly and continue their day to day activity. Dynabolon is also prescribed for patients suffering from osteoporosis since reports show that is has a +ve effect on the bones. In prescription to anemic patients, dynabolon increases the red blood count thereby causing a great change in strength and muscles. Some research also shows that Dynabolon can also be used for combat obesity and help reduce weight, as well as help patients of traumatic nerves suffering deteriorating muscle tissues.

Dynabolon is known to promote protein to grow in the body in turn increasing the muscle mass. By increasing muscle mass, dynabolon helps reduce fat in addition to increasing muscle strength. Overweight and obese people have more fat tissues and less muscle tissues, and this is where Dynabolon works by burning fat tissues and increasing muscle tissues all over the body.  

As with any steroid, dynabolon also needs to be used in amalgamation with a proper diet and exercise for best results. Steroids alone will not show any good results with dieting and exercising. Most steroid using athletes have already experimented with this one. Its fast acting property combined with minimum side effects make them a hot favorite amongst athletes and body building professionals.

For athletes and bodybuilders, one of the very many advantages of Dynabolon is that it doesn’t aromatize when used in low doses per week. If individuals do not possess anti estrogen, the hazards of it may be drastic. In order to impede this from happening, where estrogen effects need to be dealt with, individuals should use dynabolon in really small doses. Being a nandrolone drug, Dynabolon doesn’t have testosterone as it works on the LH (Luteininzing Hormone). This LH controls body’s natural level of testosterone which in turn allows testosterones to freely run.

Dynabolon is a moderately safe drug and is available in an injection able form. Recommended dose is below 2 ml per week. That how estrogen is balanced in the body and the ill effects would be rare or very less if any. In order to see maximum results, use this drug for 1-2 weeks. At high doses of per week, dynabolon may lead to muscle water retention so precaution needs to be exercised. Dynabolon doses differ for male and female as different side effects are reported amongst men and women. Women should only use very low dose of 1 ml per week to avoid virilization effects. Even for a short duration of 2 months, if taken more than 1 ml per week, women may see virilization effects. Since the effects of dynabolon are permanent, it should be used very carefully. In men, the most universally known side effect is that of gynecomastia, meaning the growth of man breasts. In some cases, this may need to be surgically removed. Acne and high pressure is a common side effect in both male and females. For patients with high BP, it may even lead to problems of the heart and eventual death. Dynabolon is well accepted by liver and problems in liver usually don’t occur.

Dynabolon is not very easily available so can only be bought from black market but even then no forged copies of this drug have circulated the market.

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